Although it is true that in Lima in the summer it is very hot, it is also true that during the winter the climate becomes cold. For this reason we decided to visit the community of "Defensores de Junín" in San Juan de Miraflores district which is one of the largest and poorest districts in the region of Lima.

San Juan de Miraflores is located east of Lima with almost 500.000 inhabitants, 80 % of them live in the hills with different issues to cover such as: electricity and water connections  but these ones are not the only problems people in there have. While summer the temperature gets 30°C, that makes people look for a fresh place to be in and that is very hard. On the other hand, during the winter (June, July, August) the weather may be an enemy for all the families, due to the temperature that is 17°C + humidity 70% or 87 %. 

This district was created on January 12, 1965 and it is divided in 6 zones or areas. It is very important to know that population in this district is growing and it does not stop growing due to the immigration of thousands of people from the Andes and the Amazon of Perú.

In this opportunity we wanted to support people with clothes to protect against  the cold giving some clothing for families who needed it. Our Social Projects Manager was in charge of giving the donation straight to the families and that makes feel very happy and blessed!!!!

Thanks to all all you for being slope of our activities, we really appreciate all support and love from you all!!! Haku Tours and Reciprocity will be always trying to make people happy, not only with material benefits but with our moral help!!

Jean Paul Grillo
Haku Tours' Official Tour guide
August 22, 1017