Friday, September 16, 2016


During the 3 weeks, we had the opportunity to count with two amazing volunteers: Pranav and Kenny from USA. In their time in Lima and with us, they were in charge of differents activities to help the communities we support, Bello Horizonte (Villa El Salvador District) and Nueva Alborada (San Juan de Miraflores District).

The first activity that they developed was like english teachers in a public School were they taught for children around 9 and 12 years old. They had 6 classes In total and at the end of the course they achieved the children to sing Mary had a little lamb. But the most important was the interchange of culture and language Pranav and Kenny received. They also had the opportunity  to practice their spanish. We can say that they did and excellent Job helping the children.

The second activity the developed was about helping in the construction of a Daycare Center or Wawawasi as we call it in Peru. They worked most of the time doing carpentry.

During a weekend they also helped to buy Wood and delivered it to the community of Nueva Alborada that is extreme poberty. The families really apreciate the effort they did and hope that they return very soon to Lima.

The third activity was about organizing the donations that were received from other volunteers or locals. They separated the close for babies, children, women and men. We really apreciate the help guys!

At the end of the volunteering program, we evaluated our volunteers job and we can say that they have reached their goals that we put for them before coming to Peru, being the most important that this volunteer program was about a  learning experience from each other. We hope to have you very soon back!