This year we decided to have a wonderful Christmas Celebration with our families and children of Nueva Alborada community, a community that we have been supporting with the construction of Day Care Center and Wawawasi. 
Days before the celebration, with our volunteers, we start organizing the donations that we received from locals and visitors and that we were going to deliver in our Christmas Celebration. 

On Sunday 11th, we went to the community very early in the morning to organize the chocolate and also the delicious 'Panetones'. When we arrived all the families were waiting for us and obviously the most excited ones were our children. 

After having breakfast we started giving donations to the children, we delivered toys, school stuff and also clothes. They were all very excited!!

We want to thank all our Volunteers that came with us on that day and also the days before: Camille (France), Antoine (France), Marysse (France), Ricardo (EspaƱa) and Allen (Philippines) thanks for helped us and made a special day for all our children!!