This week we continue working in a new road for 'Nueva Alborada' Community with our volunteers. 
As you know, 'Nueva Alborada' is located in the mountain, which actually is a very important element in our Inka Culture. In each one of the mountains lives an spirit that we call 'Apu' who always protects us. Walking to the top of the mountain could be difficult but that doesn't stop us to continue working hard and with a lot of energy! 

In Haku Tours we are a big family, every week we receive more and more volunteers, that makes us very happy, with more hands we can do more social projects!

In our community, moms work everyday and very hard. At the same time they are working they are also taking care of their babies and child. So this time we wanted to help them, and with Haku Tours staff and volunteers we went to the community to play with children and feel they love and happiness. It was a beautiful day! We shared with them some fruits and healthy snacks too!

While we were taking care of children, mothers were cooking delicious peruvian dishes for them. 
Thanks to our volunteers from France and Filipinas to share this experience with us!