Building Railings for "Cerro Azul" Community!

Last Sunday Reciprocity team worked in "Cerro Azul" Community. It was one of the hottest days during this summer, everything started at 8:30 am. All the volunteers were full of energy and joy. The activity was to build railing for the new stairs in order to prevent local people from having accidents, specially pregnant mothers, elders and children. 

When we were in the middle of the work we can feel a nice lifting mood from everybody, all the guys were having fun. In this community there´s no cultural or religious barriers there's only one objective: help the ones that need most.

The first activity was to dig holes on the ground besides the stairs. Next to that, we put small wooden logs into the holes to be the supporting part of the railings. But digging the holes was kind of difficult because there were some stones deeply burdened into the ground but eventually the stones and dirt were taken out and the work continued.

As always, Reciprocity team enjoyed their work. In the picture below we can see a partial view of the communities located at the bottom of the mountain we were at. Those houses belong to shanty towns of "Cerro Azul" too.  

Volunteers from our team enjoyed local food while they take a break from work. They liked our food so much that there was nothing left behind at the end of the lunch time. They said they felt in home since our local cuisine and theirs, have similar flavors.

In this opportunity, we want to thank all the people that work along with us for the benefit of the community, we're very grateful. 

Emilio Ramos.
Social Projects and Volunteering Coordinator
March 31st, 2017.