Monday, October 24, 2016


Yesterday we went to the community of Nueva Alborada in San Juan de Miraflores district. With the help of three volunteers we bought some bread and fruits for the families that were waiting for us in the community. We had breakfast with them before we start working together. 

In this opportunity everyone was helping to do the floor and foundations for the Soup Kitchen and Wawawasi. As the location is in the mountain needs a lot of help to break one part and put it flat. With donations from volunteers all around the world we had the opportunity to buy a machine that will break the mountain faster.

This is the first part of the construction of our social projects in Nueva Alborada Community, and from now on we are going to be focus in the buildings that are going to be constructed in plainwood. 

Tomorrow, Tuesday 25th, we will go the community to continue working in the roads for our projects. If you want to come with us you are welcome! Please send a message to and we will contact you. 
Working together is better!