Dental Treatment for a better life

In this opportunity we want to give special acknowledgments to two of our most active volunteers and friends: Jean Pierre Rivas and Francisco Rivas who are dentists and have been giving free dental care to Ms Maritza's children through all this time. The labor they did is priceless and Reciprocity that's why Reciprocity is proud and grateful to these young guys for their time , support and good will.

Giving medical treatment to children can be challenging but our dentists, in this case Dr. Francisco,  Rivas manage to find creative ways to do a great job and make children feel comfortable at the same time.

The strategy used is working very well since Luis is very relaxed and quiet during the treatment. Here Dr. Jean Pierre Rivas is doing the final dental procedures.

Thank you so much gentlemen for your time, effort, support and kind heart. To see their smiling faces full of gratefulness is the best reward we could ever recive. We'll keep working tiressly to make this world , little by little, a better place. 

Edgar Oscategui 
Social Projects and Volunteering Coordinator
March 24th, 2017